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Lawyer File # 1      ORHT-Rick Hennessey

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Lawyer File # 5      MY MPP Julia Munro

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Lawyer File # 8      OPP – Det Sgt. Randy Craig

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Lawyer File # 10    Ontario Civilian Commission on Police services

Lawyer File # 11    Office Ontario Attorney General

Lawyer File # 12    YRP – Phil Moreau-Standards

Lawyer File # 13     Crown Attorney-Robert McCreary-New Market

Lawyer File # 13A  Crown Attorney – Paul Culver-Toronto

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To United Nations

Common Knowledge fundamental to Common Sense

I know I will never see a
Nor a Brighter Life Form

Infinite leaves branching to the trunk
To the
Root of Continuous Knowledge Sync

Sun Of Spirit
Solar Ghost

All things Grow
Sun Holism Rays Universal God
Inherent Equilibrium

Spirit Of Universal Law

One Family

What’s Going On!!!

Inform Inform Inform

Man In Mirror Eh
Political Religious Illusion Charlatan Kayfabe
media inciting
Fickle Inherent Ignorant Bliss

1th Monkey
The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) teaches that the coming Reign of God will be a kingdom of love, peace, and justice.[23]
Justice is defined as a virtue whereby one respects the rights of all persons, living in harmony and equity with all.[24]
The Kingdom of God began with Christ’s death and Resurrection and must be further extended by Christians until it has been brought into perfection by Christ at the end of time.
[25] The Christian does this by living the way Christ lived, by thinking the way Christ thought,[23] and by promoting peace and justice.[26] This can be accomplished by discerning how the Holy Spirit (God) is calling one to act in the concrete circumstances of one’s life.[26]
Christians must also pray, asking God for what is necessary to cooperate with the coming of God’s Kingdom.
[27] Jesus gathered disciples to be the seed and the beginning of God’s Reign on earth, and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide them.[28] Jesus continues to call all people to come together around him[29] and to spread the Kingdom of God across the entire world.[30]
However, the ultimate triumph of Christ’s Kingdom will not come about until Christ’s return to earth at the end of time.[31]
During Christ’s second coming, he will judge the living and the dead.
Only those who are judged to be righteous and just will reign with Christ forever.[32] Christ’s second coming will also mark the absolute defeat of all evil powers, including Satan.[33]
Until then, the coming of the Kingdom will continue to be attacked by evil powers as Christians wait with hope for the second coming of their Savior.[34]
This is why Christians pray to hasten Christ’s return by saying to him “Maranatha!”
which means
“Come, Lord Jesus!”.[35]

Zombies became a popular device in modern horror fiction, largely because of the success of George A. Romero‘s 1968 film Night of the Living Dead[17] and they have appeared as plot devices in various books, films and in television shows. Zombie fiction is now a sizeable sub-genre of horror, usually describing a breakdown of civilization occurring when most of the population become flesh-eating zombies – a zombie apocalypse. The monsters are usually hungry for human flesh, often specifically brains. Sometimes they are victims of a fictional pandemic illness causing the dead to reanimate or the living to behave this way,
often no cause is given in the story.

While some who believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible insist that the prediction of dates or times is futile, some other writers believe that Jesus foretold of signs which would indicate that the “end of days” was near. Some of these signs include earthquakes, natural disasters, civil problems, “wars and rumors of wars,” and other catastrophes. Of the precise time, however, it will come like a
“thief in the night” (1 Thess. 5:2).

Thief In The Knight
BBC Mental A History of the Madhouse FULL DOCUMENTARY
The Mad Treating the Mad
Neither aware
Who was Who!!

United Nations Alien Zionist Insidious Puppets

The Star of David in the Leningrad Codex, 1008 CE

Upon independence in 1948, the new Jewish state was formally named Medinat Yisrael, or the State of Israel, after other proposed historical and religious names including Eretz Israel (“the Land of Israel“), Zion, and Judea, were considered and rejected.[25] In the early weeks of independence, the government chose the term “Israeli” to denote a citizen of Israel, with the formal announcement made by Minister of Foreign Affairs Moshe Sharett.[26]

The name Israel has historically been used, in common and religious usage, to refer to the biblical Kingdom of Israel or the entire Jewish nation.[27] According to the Hebrew Bible the name “Israel” was given to the patriarch Jacob (Standard YisraʾelIsrāʾīlSeptuagint Greek: ἸσραήλIsraēl;
“struggle with God”[28])
after he successfully wrestled with the angel of the Lord.[29]
Jacob’s twelve sons became the ancestors of the Israelites, also known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel or Children of Israel. Jacob and his sons had lived in Canaan but were forced by famine to go into Egypt for four generations until Moses, a great-great grandson of Jacob,[30] led the Israelites back into Canaan during the “Exodus“. The earliest archaeological artifact to mention the word “Israel” is the Merneptah Stele of ancient Egypt (dated to the late 13th century BCE).[31]

The area is also known as the Holy Land,
 being holy for all Abrahamic religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islamand the Bahá’í Faith.

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.[1]
While a precise definition varies among genocide scholars, a legal definition is found in the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
(CPPCG). Article 2 of this convention defines genocide as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group,
as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”[2]
Because of the influence of Joseph Stalin,
this definition of genocide under international law does not include political groups.[3][4][5]

Another criticism of the CPPCG is that when its provisions have been invoked by the United Nations Security Council, they have only been invoked to punish those who have already committed genocide and
been foolish enough to leave a paper trail.
It was this criticism that led to the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 1674 by the United Nations Security Council on 28 April 2006 commits the Council to action to protect civilians in armed conflict and to protect populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

Genocide scholars such as Gregory Stanton  have postulated that conditions and acts that often occur before, during, and after genocide— such as dehumanization of victim groups, strong organization of genocidal groups, and denial of genocide by its perpetrators— can be identified and
actions taken to stop genocides before they happen.
Critics of this approach such as Dirk Moses assert that this is unrealistic and that, for example,

“Darfur will end when it suits the great powers that have a stake in the region”.

Grapevine 13
Belief in Empire Building
The policy of extending the rule or influence of a country over other countries or colonies
Domination by Empire
The political, military, or economic domination of one country over another
Takeover and Domination
The extension of power or authority over others in the interests of domination

1. Member of Roman Catholic religious order
A member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic religious order engaged in missionary and educational work worldwide. The order was founded by Saint Ignatius Loyola in 1534 with the objective of defending Catholicism against the Reformation.
2. Offensive Term
An offensive term for somebody regarded as
crafty or scheming,
especially somebody who uses deliberately ambiguous or confusing words to deceive others
NWO 4th Reich
Personal Interest Groups
Profusely Eat Treacherous Self

Coherence Higher Inspection
Chi A Pet
Shady Raccoon

Drain The Swamp

Chi – Wikipedia

  • Chi, ‘Chi is a person’s guardian spirit. A person’s higher self. Thus God is the greatest chi (Chi-ukwu, Chukwu) the guardian spirit of the world, and the higher self of the world. Chi and Chukwu are distinct but closely related. According to Mbonu Ojike, ‘a man is equal to his Chi ( My Africa, 1946).’
  • Reoccurring Reincarnate
    Of Dizzy Lizzy

What’s IT all about Alfie
The Elephant in the Room
Common Knowledge fundamental to Common Sense

Masticating Elitist Occult Wisdom

Spirit Of Universal Law
Divine Simplicity
SOL: Spirit Of Law
Epitome Simplistic Sanity

Giving credence to that least apt to be mistaken by a
sane being
needing only to be
to know what is and what is not receptive
to a fellow

Political Religious Illusion Charlatan Kayfabe
media inciting
Fickle Inherent Bias Ignorant Bliss

Irradiating Nefarious Crazies Of Mind Eh!!!

Golden Rule
Gold Rush

Gratuitous Elitist Repo Monetary Surge
Freedom Reversed Accountable Nefarious Kink
Truths Holistic Interactive Retrospect Transcendental Electromagnetism Enslavers Nemesis

Facts must have root 2 take root
God Coherency
“Catch 22”
must have semblance 2 catch doG chase tail
Never Underestimate Authority Neuro-science Cognizant Electromagnetic Surge

Wizard Of Outhouse Knows Shit
Toronto Mayor’s Office Cover-up of 19 gallagher papers

Filed after retiring August 2004 City of Toronto
Legal Surveys
Property Management
Post Mortem

Governments financed by the taxpayer are expected to operate efficiently and effectively at cost providing necessary services of society that assuredly includes law and order of which the Ontario Attorney General is assigned that responsibility on paper though the abundance of evidence and reality itself attest to the obvious fact that they never intended the Attorney General and politicians to provide anything but lip service, with Victims provided a self serve as God helps those that help themselves and who knows better than the hierarchy of state and Church puppets of the 10% wealthy Capitalist PIG tyrannical in nature governments.Evidence Government Organized Crime


Evidence filed November 8 2007 with Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP for refusing to investigate government organized crime.

RCMP Staff Sgt. R.B MacAdam assigned to investigate

Evidence provided while RCMP investigating—gold-for-law-society-

ISOG: In Search Of God

Shades Of Grey Germane Yo-yos
Hope U Enjoy
Without Me

Wizard Of Outhouse Knows Shit
Not Denied

There In The Subterfuge

Determined I Most Expendible

Cant Buy A Cup Of Coffee
No Buddies
Spare A Dime

Dangled As Bait
Wealth 2 Come

Who wants to exist in such a family
Kin-dle Wood

How much wood would a Wood Chuck chuck
if knew
Chucking Self
Seeing Is Believing
God not 2B mistaken with Cod
Caught On Demand

Thy Kingdom Come
NIBS promulgated DIBS


Not U Terrestrial
Occult Linguistics Eh
Her Majesty’s ServiceHMSHigher Math Solution

Shadow Dovernment
Sustainable Growth
Dependent On
thanking their
Proletariat Precious
As Collateral
(alternating current)
Making A Killing Making A Killing

God Given User Friendly Brains
4th Dimension
Cutting Edge

4th Wall
Suspension Of Disbelief
Green Side Up

Turning Point
Playing Through

Fall Of Roman Empire
Wind sors House Of Cards
Law Society LS Lemming Syndrome

What’s Going On!!!

Facts must have root 2 take root God Coherency
“Catch 22”
must have semblance 2 catch doG chase tail
Never Underestimate Authority
Neuro-science Cognizant Electromagnetic Surge

Heads Up – Avoid the FU2
Frank & Stein 13
Jekyll & Hides

Michael Jackson – You Rock My World (Official Video)

From <>

Go Ahead Back Up
Since time began for humankind we have been born to earth equal of innocent and empty mind requiring the same necessities to sustain life helpless on our own that is inherently the responsibility of parents to provide and rear their children to be responsible to provide for themselves in an environment common to all where the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” was the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity then as it is today and always will be.

It is due the fact that it is derived of sane unbiased moral thought and reason conducive to the sane peaceful world the first of arriving on the planet would have observed with many natural enemies that humankind have found most successful working together to the resolve sharing information that has populated over the eons that is passed on to us during our years of rearing to bring us up to speed.

This phenomenon is the progressive nature of thought and reason for the benefit of all of society where it would be the height of absurdity for the parents to advance on their own and leave the children of their generation to start out at the beginning of absolute ignorance … Neanderthals amidst the more refined which of course would be chaotic by design and simply against the natural flow of the progressive nature of thought and reason that the Golden Rule has eternally been at the Apex of all thought and reason whether or not it is seemingly in existence or whether or not one believes it akin to God an invisible entity representative of the Ideal where it is irrelevant whether or not He exists or whether or not one believes He exists.

History is the reality that was…the truth as would be seen by God whether or not He exists and whether or not one believes He exists whereas the Golden Rule is the Apex of all trails of thought and reason at any point in time that has always been available for any person adept to sane thought and reason that would invariably deduce for themselves that unbiased morality is prerequisite to its achievement as is the sharing of the knowledge with the world populace to bring every person up to speed… a necessity of peaceful harmonious existence to the continual advancement of society the populace as a whole … the progressive nature of thought and reason.

We can draw a straight line to the Ideal from the beginning which has always been available and the obvious right way to go and in fact was the reality at the beginning of human presence born of innocence and empty mind and the line would be observed as a dot on a graph if that reality of innocence had of been maintained.

Since that is not the reality … self-evident … a straight line is the result of connecting the dots of the Ideal of any moment in time ending at present time which is a progressive thing due the nature of reality.

History as documented can be plotted in relationship to this straight line in simple manner consistent with sanity to determine the realities that have obstructed the materialization of the Ideal where all trails from every individual’s history should maintain a straight line consistent to the Apex an invisible line to an invisible entity that is the Ideal at any point in time that has been recognized and defined in the “Spirit of the Golden Rule”

We know from the annals of history that Confucius 551 BC – 479 BC was particularly adept to thought and reason and is held in esteem by earths populace given to thought and reason … world renown on the sharing of the knowledge yet due the nature of present reality where personal interests groups abound the Golden Rule is generally adopted and accepted contained within the environment of each of the innumerable interest groups maintaining a semblance to sanity that can be observed within and from within the persons of sense in common do not see the environment that surrounds them that is the remainder of the innumerable interests groups consistent to their interests where for example an interest group that thrives on producing tires for the vehicular industry would invariably have a sense in common with all interest groups that thrive on the success of the vehicular domain where given the inherent nature associated to humankind with every individual aware and instinctly take personal responsibility to provide their own necessities of sustainable life that is the reality that would be observed by God whether or not He exists or one believes He exists.

When one steals from another it is consistent with accepting responsibility to one’s self to provide the necessities to sustain life where invariably in respect of the wellbeing and safety of every individual in a sane and moral society as identified and recognized in the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” every individual must be in, of and with the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” for the concept, that is the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity, to materialize.

It is by the use of sane unbiased moral thought and reason deduced from sane thought and reason to be consistent to the Ideal that the Golden Rule is the epitome of simplicity and sanity and the formula to maintain it is self-evident within its Spirit that can and has been expressed in words in many ways whereas one’s interpretation may very well differ from the Spirit of the Golden Rule …it is a fixed constant that must be maintained attentive to the Simplicity and Saneness it was derived where no other can be exalted beyond the realm of possibility of thought and reason.

In continuance of the graph concept that could be plotted by connecting the dots represented by the documents of the authorities of the times, if we were to graph the history of commonly believed to be tyrants who made no effort to conceal that reality we would see a consistency of their documents with the reality of the times that would invariably be far distanced from the straight line of the Ideal represented as a traverse of ever changing course with the furthest point measured from the line representing the Ideal being indicative of the humongous evilness of the times that the evidence includes the identity of the most magnificent tyrant since time began that due the nature of reality we can observe and publish without fear of reprisal from him or her.

We can do the same of they who are commonly believed to be non tyrannical plotting the dots representative of the documents and those representative of the relative realities of the times and see a humongous separation of drafts, yet there would be innumerable lines representing the innumerable environments of countries and regions as there would of course be in the preceding tyrannical graph

However there would be an amazing pattern of consistency of all realities determined by their distance from the straight line of the Ideal which provides us the irrefutable proof that reality and its nearness to the Ideal is ultimately the product of the powers that be since their advent which of course we know to be true and obviously knew before we began to chart history in graph form from the very beginning of this exercise and any other that have been initiated in the same concept where only truth can be used to provide a graph true to the intent.

It is in the knowing that the powers that be are and have always been the only persons with the wherewithal to produce the reality of the times and why they were specifically addressed for the purpose of the graph and present knowledge points directly to the present powers that be.

It is the inanity of reality that has caused me to present initiative whereas reality is there where it has always been for everyone who can and will see that does not exclude the visually impaired where the only relevancy is the nearness of ones adeptness to sane unbiased moral thought and reason that is the necessary spiritual properties of all persons to be in, of and with the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” the epitome of Simplicity and Saneness that has always been and reality so distanced from the Ideal that is simply reality sanely dealt with and all of reality the evidence to be tabled for analysis by those most adept to sane unbiased moral thought and reason determined by  realistic approach in the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” that is the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity that is impossible to over emphasize due the reality of “How it is”

We know for fact that there exists two trains of thought as to the beginning of our existence on earth best left to the scholars who obviously are the most interested attested to by their chosen careers and formal education being  most  experienced in these fields of endeavour that is the natural process of thought and reason and given the required time and effort relative to the concept of professionalism  and scholars invariably we who have chosen other fields of endeavours must consistently apply ourselves to achieve the ultimate height of the chosen environment and we must at all times presume trust is ever present with due regard to the adeptness one is capable to any purpose where reality is always there as evidence available for all to see and by research can bring the pertinent evidence relative to any purpose one would like to achieve.

Since that is a personal matter between one individual and reality that is a reality that exists in the whole of reality that we all exists which we all have a vested interest where the success of the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” is the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity” we must all strive for that reality within ourselves in whatever endeavours we choose for ourselves and reality is self-evident with the simplistic nature of the concept of the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” giving credence to that which is least apt to be mistaken by humankind. It is incomprehensible that one could not judge for themselves as to their consistency with the concept where invariably we are all on our honour well aware of what is receptive and non-receptive to fellow human beings and by the mere treating of every individual precisely as they personally would want to be treated is a natural to humankind of normal common sense.

It is a concept that each individual could learn for themselves given the freedom and time to do it but it would be insane for us who already know the truth of the priceless concept to avail ourselves to the ramifications of a person’s trial and error route to the realization and it is incomprehensible that any person would allow one to go that route when it becomes known that a person is stumbling, whereas the progress of humankind is the inevitable of thought and reason due its progressive nature that has already been concluded to be the Spirit of the Golden Rule” by the wisest of the scholars in that field of interest which is ultimately the one common field of interest to us all.

When reality is persistently attended to in the sanest manner possible by every individual that plays a role in the reality we all exist that has been recognized and documented as the Golden Rule then every individual’s reality will be of the simplest nature to deal with to their progressive advancement on the Ideal of their unique perception consistent with every individual’s perception of the Ideal when the concept of the Spirit of the Golden Rule” is consistently maintained by every individual.

It is the Simplicity of the concept that must be respected that maintains the Simplicity of every individual’s advancement from the present reality they are encumbered which is encumbrance enough without an another individual blockading their path to the pursuance of what is rightfully theirs where a blockade is the evidence that can be traced to the source and dealt with in a manner so as to assure no reoccurrence.

It is a well-known fact with emphasis on the word fact that reality is all there is that goes on with or without us whether we are present in body or not or whether or not our minds are in touch with it whereas it is the same reality we all exist during our stay on earth and it is imperative that we be attentive to facts being prerequisite to the progressive advancement of the reality we all exist knowing certain every individual must have easy access to their necessities or the horrid ramifications upon society are a natural consequence of the neglect, an obvious detriment to them of sane unbiased moral thought and reason that the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” is derived from being the epitome of Simplicity and Saneness.

It is with adeptness to sane unbiased moral thought and reason we can look into the passed to analyze the obstructions to the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” an invisible entity that has always been there available to be seen by any person of sane unbiased moral thought and reason whenever such a reality occurred and just as obvious that the people who have steered us to present reality were and are devoid of the pertinent properties.

I dare say we have no idea of how reality precisely began for humankind but without hesitation can state with certainty that such an accomplishment cannot be achieved by any form of belief that is not founded on a consistency of pertinent facts where it matters not how much trust a person or an infinitive number of person’s are tightly bound to a trust if the trust is unfounded that invariably requires a consistency of facts when combined confirms the certainty.

So automatically consistent with knowledge we know for fact religions exist and with study can know the truth about them however never know the truth of how we began until we collect all the pertinent facts via the use of sane unbiased moral thought and reason for the purpose of sane unbiased moral thought and reason.

It seems to me we have Royalty and commoners in reality with they of the arrogant elite suggesting that the majority of us are mongrels and they were reared of the purest of blood that I envision they were the Prince and Princesses that were fortunate enough to have crawled out on the best side of the swamp in an uncrowded paradise where whatever they desired was plentiful and from their perch on heavenly higher grounds saw us commoners struggling to seek refuge of dry land that was the reality on our side of the swamp where all that was good and worthwhile was clearly visible from the other side we struggled from the hopeless pits of despair that could see nothing other than a conglomeration of us unorganized without a clue as to what we were looking for but would know it if we found it.

From a calmer place on the other side they most assuredly must be Royalty being amply blessed and if they were to laugh at us from across the swamp and explain why reality was “How it is” they would with belief arrogantly convey to us that most assuredly they are Royalty and we merely commoners plain for all to see.

With the humongous enormity of the populace that somehow ended up on the wrong side of the swamp tripping over each as other as we propagated with glee inattentive to realities that we were not aware of and hence could not perceive would devour the environment around us that provided our sustenance and forced to move on to better grounds where we discovered others realizing the same thing that they were destined to move unwillingly and certainly not wanting to pick up camp any sooner than necessary and just not prepared to share the environment … the hand that feeds them with others

They were not aware of the concept of not biting the hand that fed them and treated their environment as a money tree that refurbished itself and the reality of it all set in at one time or another to all the personal interest groups where the larger and stronger groups experienced the reality first as they consumed more and used the authority that came with strength and numbers to ransack everything they encountered on the chosen path of least resistance while Royalty observed giving speeches now and then as to “How things should be done” in their perspective while absolutely devoid of the realities of “Hopelessness and Despair” having never experienced it just viewed where time and again they would be visited by they who could afford their way to them who could relate to luxurious existence and present similar views of the reality of “How it is”

With all concepts that originate from the top attentive to the retention of what is already believed possessed and with the progressive nature of thought and reason to one’s  betterment it became apparent that the commoners could use some help having a particular calm view of things with no perceived urgency until it was realized that they looked particularly appetizing to they who were struggling for so much less and a no brainer for anyone invited to the other side for an abundance more with certainty of one’s necessities secured.

In an environment that was the inferior side where personal interest groups were warring on each other for the necessities of life incited and directed by the affluent and influential who had discovered the power of wealth always in the progressive nature of thought and reason as to how to acquire more where armaments played a decidedly favourable role persons invested to the industry would certainly do well for themselves and where warring waned such environments would do the same so with initiatives of nefarious bent for purported good reason the populace that was employed in the industry that thrived beyond the necessities of life would not want to give up the lifestyle they had come to know any more than the next guy successful in the industry where all it took was to incite others to riot and of course the powers that be who benefited in so many ways from the realities of war had the best opportunities to do so with the concept alive and well today.

In such a scenario with such realistic overtures a study to determine the actual truth could very well lend credence to a facsimile that is the reality, but invariably we all began from the same swamp making Royalty a self-proclaimed self-serving reality where for certain they are all of the same natural ingredient that is humankind that they have just taken advantage of circumstance where as they have had the advantage to do what was right for all or do what they perceived best for themselves and reality attests to the decisions made.

There can be no doubt they must see to it that we have a way to provide the necessities of life for ourselves lest we rise against them to seize their properties that luxuriously provide for them and provides jobs for the commoners that keeps them fed and kept for their use.

They have fortitude and conviction to the trickle-down theory with persistent faith that if they satiate themselves to overflowing the more satiated the more over flowing that will find its way to the bottom but invariably the nearest to the top with the advantage of familiarity with the system and affluent and influential friends tap the many sources diverting the major supply to themselves that decreases in varying levels of the structure that begins as an erect pyramid on the onset of the concept with the most affluent and influential at the top that sucks and controls the resources from the bottom all the way to the top to overflowing at the top but once the overflowing begins which is simultaneous the pyramid mirrors itself with the apex at the bottom as the money flows downward with they nearest the top of the erect pyramid most influential as to the direction to bring the money forth and the same relative position to absorb it as it falls in the pyramid inverted position where the humongous majority at the bottom where the majority of the money is sucked from certainly returns in a trickle down manner where they who it passes on the way down use their advantage to grasp all that they can and the inverted apex contains the hopeless and despair that fills relatively rapidly due the confined space that narrows to the apex and spreads seemingly unnoticed as it advances where every inch on the way up increases in capacity of this environment that naturally breeds contempt and shouts from the bottom to the erect pyramid top are well muffled by the most prosperous with they at the top not wanting to hear it anyway, all hell breaks loose providing the media fodder with the their heads associates of the affluent and influential at the top of the erect pyramid that allows for the success of them at the top and of course they are at the top of the inverted pyramid when the cash is on its way back down.

It is the mystery and power of the pyramid that is no mystery at all designed of sane biased thought and reason absent of morality that is not an ingredient of the stew they mix and not an option of the starving they smothered in hopelessness and despair where amoral inclination must breed due the reality of it all that is easily converted to the criminal persuasion that provides humongous numbers of victims, far more than the numbers associated to the criminal element who leave many victims in their wake before they are brought before the courts structured by the same people who put the erect and inverted pyramid system in place being an integral part designed into the system for the humongous benefit of the nefarious bent at the top who have always had the advantage to do things right or use their advantage to benefit themselves and hence reality born of evil that got the best of them but provided the best for them and vice versa for the masses where Jesus is said to have been precisely the opposite purportedly with the ultimate of power who fed the masses with a few loaves of bread.

I offer that as what I have heard not that I believe or disbelieve having neither the time or desire to prove one way or the other for certain being absolutely irrelevant for I believe in the Golden Rule strictly on its merits and the Spirit it radiates being the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity self-evident and they who act contrary to the Spirit are self-evident.

It is the Simplicity and Sanity that allows this commoner to judge that Jesus was wise far beyond the inhabitants of earth at the time of his relaying of the Golden Rule perceived by Confucius 551 BC – 479 BC who came to realize the same thing of the people who surrounded him as he existed his later years in hopelessness and despair.

It is by the wisdom emitted and their consistence to it that we know them to be wise and by their conviction we know them most honourable and trustworthy and in their failings exudes their obvious success as the Golden Rule has found its way to all of us and abided by within each personal interest group who every individual has sense in common but due the nature of humankind is simply a natural as we all individually tend to the personal necessities of life with the progression of thought and reason that is relative to all who have chosen similar fields of endeavour where the wellbeing of their associated industry is of similar and relative importance to all of the industry driven by their personal interest to first survive and then thrive.

Their industry becomes priority one by association with a preponderance of like industries in as much as priority one is to survival where ultimately deduced from sane moral thought and reason where unbiased is noticeably absent and predictable due the realities associated with human nature…it is imperative that the government personnel be of exemplary traits: competent responsible unbiased beyond reproach of sane mind and moral thought and reason which is not a natural due to the inherent influential strength of personal gain whereas one with fickle mind can easily rationalize with words their irrational behaviour in respect of the Spirit of the Golden Rule that must be the Spirit of us all most comprehensible to anyone who is to be considered sane due the fact it is the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity whether or not it exists or whether or not one believes it.

It is the Simplicity and Sanity that Confucius and Jesus were judged to be wise not that the Golden Rule and other words they spoke were wise because they were said.

From my observation far distanced from their reality I see them with conviction to their words but that is irrelevant at this point of time because I have to ask what the hell can we do about it now.

Can we punish them and who it would punish if we besmirched them and how low can you can go without them present to defend themselves?

Let it stand they were most honourable and wise and the history I know of them is all I need to know as is the history of they who have taken advantage of the people who needed their help when they had the wherewithal and their trust they used to cause them needing their elusive help.

It is they of similar ilk who nailed Jesus to a cross

It is the Wheel of life with theirs an automated Ferris shared by few and ours akin to a rodent’s that has to peddle its ass off to make its little exercise wheel go around.

It is the obvious two wheels that they would have us believe is one just because our innumerable little wheels are connected to theirs that allows theirs to run automatically free of effort and the woes associated to the little wheels that must be keep running at all cost being irrelevant to them because the costs are attached to our little wheels that often break down under the inevitable burden.

Reality is the truth impervious to perception yet precisely due to perception

As perceptions are the only relative entity that can change they will out of necessity

When sane unbiased moral thought and reason is realized by all, Simplicity and Sanity will be had by all where reality attests persistent through more than 2500 years they with the wherewithal will not change and they without it an impossibility

Not because Confucius said

“It is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot change”

From my perspective there is no in between with me locked in the abyss surrounded by insanity

Perhaps I am insane which is obviously just as irrelevant being a harmless entity of no value existing in the common element amidst the commoners, the criminals derived of natural cause and the minority nefarious bent…the natural cause of the woes of society.

“Shall I teach you what knowledge is?
When you know a thing, to hold that you know it; and when you do not know a thing, to allow that you do not know it.
This is knowledge”

Let us presume you have the necessary knowledge to deal with reality attentive to priority one…inherently yourself.

What the hell would you do with it?

I need to know

Can I presume the absurdity of the Status Quo?

Can I presume the Status Quo was due your ignorance?

Can I presume you have read me and understand me through your ignorant perception?

Is it possible that you observe reality in the same perspective that I have presented but do not care to acknowledge lest you be outcast to the abyss I found myself in?

Can ignorance be bliss when you are alert but inert?

Of what use is knowledge if not shared which the nefarious bent have found much success providing knowledge freely to their luxuriously success and have freely obstructed the knowledge the people of the Lower Tier desperately need that the nefarious bent are well aware of?

Are you of nefarious bent knowingly or perhaps you have deceived yourself?

“The Spirit of the Golden Rule” the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity has always been there anxiously waiting to be realized and then materialized and even they of the nefarious bent of the Law Society of Upper Canada … the DOJ-Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada and the Ontario Attorney General who represent the governments of their jurisdiction who the people are led to believe represent them where all of reality, and I have extracted a prodigious number of excerpts that consistently shows they hide behind the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” where we do not ask them to stand in front of it where we cannot observe it but expect them to stand beside it so we can observe them and the Constitution simultaneously to ensure they maintain the consistency demanded to maintain their force or effect.

They are people like you and me like all of humankind requiring the same necessities of life but subject to great temptation due the opportunity and wealth involved where though the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” is the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity it does not guarantee Sanity will prevail and thus the enactment of the Constitution and the Charter guarantee demanding a competent, responsible unbiased irreproachable authority of fortitude and conviction to support the guarantee equally to every individual where due diligence must be readily apparent to the purpose proclaimed and due punishment attentive to deterrence is the only viable means to prevent the predictable whereas the Charter applies to every individual equally that certainly includes the authorities or it would be a venture to the heights of absurdity and to that I offer this.

  1. Nothing in this Charter extends the legislative powers of any body or authority.
  2. (1) This Charter applies (a) to the Parliament and government of Canada in respect of all matters within the authority of Parliament including all matters relating to the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories; and (b) to the legislature and government of each province in respect of all matters within the authority of the legislature of each province.

I have the irrefutable evidence  collected over near four years, that is prodigious in numbers with overwhelming consistency that their modus operandi is precisely adverse to the Constitution and every individual’s guaranteed Charter rights of equal protection and benefits where their modus operandi is designed to have the victim stand alone as an individual and if they can afford to buy a piece of the action they can take a shot at it depending on their wherewithal with the advantaged goes success as is precisely the reality intended to eradicate and the very purpose of law the commoners are led to believe giving each individual an equal and fair chance for justice where the nefarious bent are declared societies enemy number 1 in the very first line of the Charter

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principals that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law where the nefarious bent, as with the devil are the Archenemy where the Spirit of the Devil is said to be ingenious founded on charlatan ways of deception, prevarication, manipulation and orchestration where truth is noticeably absent and victims who know well the truth are obstructed from bringing it forth for obvious reason and it is their inconsistency with the Constitution, their indifference to every individual’s guaranteed Charter rights and their modus operandi that due diligence has been applied to protect the members of the Law Society who hold every position of authority in the legal system financed by the people who are led to believe they are there to make things right consistent with “The Spirit of the Law” that is the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity” where their consistency to Difficulty and Insanity prevails throughout the legal system they structured self-evident providing the sword for them to be thrust upon for assuredly they will not do it and the victims created due their deliberate modus operandi refusing to protect every individual as equally guaranteed provides them ample supply of criminals that the taxpayers pay for their defence while believing they have financed the protection of every individual as guaranteed who are of the status of the presumption of innocence absent of evidence to suggest otherwise where once reasonable evidence is produced against a person suggesting the status of the presumption is in question it is priority one for all persons financed in the legal system to make every effort to determine the truth not to protect one side or the other being not only priority one but the only authority granted them while the Law Society of Upper Canada has arrogantly and blatantly admitted either stated or implied that their members are not required to give a damn about every individual’s guaranteed equal Charter rights of protection and benefit stating their members only obligation is to vigorously advance the interests of their clients which of course is the only viable way they will ever get enough clients to keep them in the luxuriously lifestyle they have ransacked for themselves.

Absurdly the people who cannot afford to access the system themselves help finance their clients defence…the very people of amoral inclination and persuasion the people believe the system is designed to eradicate amoral inclination by nipping it in the bud before it becomes amoral persuasion most difficult and costly to deal with to successful return to a contributing member of society.

When you consider that society finances both the government members of the Law Society and the members of the Law Society who suck on the Legal Aid funds to act on behalf of the persons whose income is below the poverty line society is both of their clients and simply want to know the truth as to one’s innocent or guilt and they certainly do not want the nefarious bent obstructing the rights of any individual to have the truth be known so justice can be served efficiently and effectively.

By their own admittance they must vigorously advance the interests of their clients that contains within it self that the accuser obviously has reasonable evidence against the alleged or the case should never make it to trial and on the other hand the people certainly do not want to punish a person wrongfully due priority and in fact the function of every individual involved is to determine the precise truth unobstructed at any point of time, and most assuredly not by the nefarious bent who have found a luxurious lifestyle protecting the guilty with illegal use of our Charter rights that belong to every individual of the status of the presumption of innocence who understand or easily made to understand that their guaranteed Charter rights of equal protection and benefit as well as every individual’s requires equal cooperation to the certainty and by not cooperating under the direction of the “Learned and Honourable” propagates of the Law Society serves only to their benefit and others akin guilty as charged.

I reiterate upon reiteration that they who have something to hide invariably will and do everything within their power to keep it concealed but the law is not there to help them to that endeavour… it is there for sane unbiased moral purpose consistent with the “Spirit of the Golden Rule to eradicate amoral inclination for the benefit of a moral society not for the benefit of an amoral society that has been identified and a preponderance of irrefutable evidence provided against them where by the authority of the Constitution and the authority granted the Police in service of society cannot wait until the nefarious bent include specifically in their mandate to arrest the nefarious bent.

It is here the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity of the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” serves well the weak of mind that requires only the minimum of sanity to understand the concept and assuredly the police who have been taught and learned from the beginning of their careers that the laws of the nefarious bent have nothing to do with common sense which the lower ranks can attest and as for the upper echelon it is far too late to retrieve them from the insane world they opted for the trinkets and beads of the nefarious Law Society.

No doubt the Law Societies’ use of our equality rights that they refuse to support the persons they belong to of the status of the presumption of innocence are used consistently for their benefit to prevent the police from initiating fishing trips into their personal financial portfolios and by protecting the criminal element in the same way is a natural order of things with them playing the major role in crimes against society which reality attests when you place “The Spirit of the Law” the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” one and the same … the epitome of Simplicity and Sanity alongside their modus operandi you have the epitome of Absurdity and when you consider the Simplicity giving credence to that which is least likely to be mistaken by humankind that the Ontario laws must be consistent with in Simplicity with no margin for error consistent to understanding by the the most limited of us that is key to every individual’s guaranteed protection that everyone be coherent to “The Spirit of the Law” impossible to be in compliance without understanding, it is incomprehensible the formal education provided the members of the Law Society does not meet the intelligence expected of every individual to comply with being the first line of defence for every individual to be responsible for their own actions ensuring the protection of every individual they encounter directly or indirectly.

The concept is so ridiculously simple and sane that any nincompoop of moral thought and reason can deduce for his or her self that you cannot have people who do not give a damn about every individual’s equal rights assigned to protect them and just assuredly you cannot have them investigating themselves when complaints are filed against them.

Most assuredly they make a good buck doing it but God damn it assuredly there must be sanity among us to set us on the right track.

I mean we all exist the reality but I personally want to live life to its potential in the “Spirit of the Golden Rule” with a much greater share of my income that is presently farted against the wind.

Am I the only person getting a strong whiff of it?


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Popular sovereignty or the sovereignty of the people
the belief
that the legitimacy of the state is created by the will
consent of its people,
who are the source of all political power.
It is closely associated to the social contract philosophers, among whom are Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Popular sovereignty expresses a concept and does not necessarily reflect or describe a political reality.[1]
It is often contrasted with the concept of
parliamentary sovereignty, and with individual sovereignty.

Benjamin Franklin
expressed the concept when he wrote,
“In free governments, the rulers are the servants
the people their superiors and sovereigns.”[2]

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